Praying Mantis

by Grandpa Egg

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Meadow Song 03:22
In the meadow across the road From my childhood home Where I wondered off alone In the meadow, I heard him call Where the grass grew wild and tall His song like a crack in wall In the meadow across the way Where the slight and unsightly pray Where the sun shone round all day Look carefully, I heard him say There’s more to this overgrown place Pellapetisimo’s the name
Dandelions 02:20
Waggled leaves and meadow blades Scattered greens that twitch and sway What it seems is not always Leaflets, stems and stalks abound Some stand-up and walk around Others just sit there all day [Refrain] Dandelions are curling round my spine Little yellow flower petals climb Out from my eyes Stirring in the thicket there Little things that stop and stare If we’d only take the time See the forms, become aware Floral shapes will dance on air Often more than meets the eye [Refrain] Listen for the melody Whispering amidst the reeds Is it just the wind, no more? At the edge our universe Can expand, for what it’s worth We need only to explore The prospect of something more
Every Alcove 03:54
[Refrain] If you come a little closer, let your eyes adjust And open your mind up, the whole of the hillside Will come into focus Let the flowers and the grass grow up around you there The locals are waiting in every alcove And anticipating Meet Miss Tropicanna Black Her friends call her Lily Not that she has anybody Whom she could really call a friend, per se Sweet Miss Tropicanna Black Some say she's a little off Not that anyone has much of anything to say at all To Tropicanna Black [Refrain] These weeds echo with the sounds Of Christopher Cricket He leads a chorus that surrounds us Here in the thicket We count on it "Three cheers," we joyful! We exclaim, "Here comes Mr. Cricket" Fingers snapping to the songs he sings We wave and stop to say, "There goes one swell guy" [Refrain] If you come a little closer, get to know the folks That scuttle along on the overgrown lawn There’s so much that goes on Let the clovers and the canes grow up around your brain The natives exchange subterranean claims So glad that you came Earthworm, face-first in the dirt Leave him to his folly He works all the day and night With nothing but plight to show For Wally Dearth Earthworm Wally, what’s the point? You wallow and dawdle Each and every day the same old mess Of sweat and soil, inanely toiling away Lily Black, she stares down at the grass Watching ants share information She has a rad collection of acorn-caps And thoughts on why some folks are so numb And Chris Cricket wishes each song were his last Perhaps he could at-least sing in a minor key No one saw as Wally worked to solve The meadow’s arid-soil situation
Now see the drunken bluebird Watch it collide with a tree in mid-flight Now see the drunken bluebird Stumbling around in the pale moonlight How it warms the cockles For the second time this evening He’ll challenge a soda-pop can to a fight How nice, see the drunken bluebird Follow his heart again into the night How it warms the cockles Enough to make a man weep Spreading his wings without a care Of what they think down below If only I too could be that rare I’d show them the same There, stranded in the rain He’ll stagger and shout at the worms on the ground “Please, I come to make amends“ “For the times when I’ve eaten-up some of your friends” How it warms the cockles For the second time this week He’ll curl-up to sleep in a neighbor-bird’s nest Now see the drunken bluebird Profess his love for the girl Sally Tess How it warms the cockles Enough to make me weep Spreading his wings without a care Of anything down below If only I too could be that rare I’d show them the same Somewhere inside I’ve hidden away Someone as pure and free A drunken bluebird of my own That no one ever sees
[Refrain] Somewhere, passing the time until Stems with a green-leaf still Sun through a hundred eyes can reveal What lies, a world concealed When I was boy We used to wake-up early in the morning Saturdays So hot you might have drained off breakfast Before you were halfway up the road But we didn’t care We were after the one thing in life that made us truly happy At the time anyway We were searching for a Praying Mantis ☺ [Refrain] My friend and I The girl who lived next door Well we’d get lost in those fields Lost in the light of youth, innocence, discovery Sometimes we’d sink down Beneath the surface of the tall grass And uncover things about ourselves About each other Things we’d never known in our most colorful dreams [Refrain] Waifs in the woodland wet Ways we wound around in the grass to forget A world that never seemed to look much further Than that which collects on the surface We found each other there Soft summer air And nary a watchful eye to bare Save for those of the Praying Mantis
Two houses in the meadow Side by side Two houses in the meadow So alike Two houses painted yellow Two green doors Two matching cherrywood swings On the porch Two houses, so alike on the outside Though they contain within their walls Two all-together different takes on Passing through the gates of dawn On the left, lives Sally Tess See the bluebird sitting on her sill Maybe we could have ourselves A closer look, this night we’ll get our fill
Sally can’t stop crying Waiting on her man Lately, he ain’t never home on time She’ll pass out in the kitchen When she’s had all she can stand Of second-rate promises and cheap wine [Refrain] If you catch my meaning Then you get my drift Paper hearts aren’t cut out for this shit She’s always had a fondness For the wrong kind of man This one ain’t much different than the last He’s holed up in the backseat Of a blue sedan Groping at the glory days that have long since passed [Refrain] Headlights cast her shadow Hard against the wall The gravel churns as he pulls in the drive And for a moment there, her clouded stare Clears to see his face And somehow she feels happy just to have him back standing there in her doorway But then he stumbles on past and hurries down the hall Muttering some bullshit about how he got called back to work And she can smell this rat a mile away So she pulls out a pair of brass knuckles from her purse And chases him down and grabs ahold of the collar of his shirt And then she bashes in his face [Refrain] It’s best he sleeps this one off He’s out-cold anyway And Sally, she sits back down to calm her nerves And the bluebird at the window Opens with a new-day song And for a moment, Sally wonders if it’s for her
Two houses in the meadow Side by side Two yellow painted shells They do belie To the right, the morning sun Comes crawling in across the carpet there Then the bed, the new day calling These folks aren’t likely going anywhere
Sunrise doesn’t apply What to get up and do? These eyes wade through the light Softly fade into view We could shuffle round like zombies Turn knobs and try-on shoes But why to waste the dawn We-two removed Sunrise, we could comply But why for to fucking move? Held tight, I could just die Lying here next to you We could shuffle round like zombies Shout things out, room-to-room With all the fruit flies longing To see you soon Sunrise, another time I’d spend the day, it’s true Seems like Heaven’s alright But what do they have, if not you? We could shuffle round like zombies Shower-caps, coffee brew But why to waste the dawn
Daisy 03:27
Hey Daisy Maybe by mistake I never noticed it before When the wind takes-up Across the range You seem gladly out-of-sorts Grooving around So graceful, so demure Hey Daisy I just want to say What a lovely dissident you make With your soft white Petals out of place Hanging down across you face Grooving around So nicely disarrayed A colorful flout Of light against the gray Hey Daisy Maybe by mistake You haven’t noticed me around The stems and green leaf Wavering in-place Atop the honeysuckle sprout I’m much obliged Of course, I’m sometimes brown It might sound crazy Daisy, as of late You’re all I ever think about Your mad sashay Amidst the tussled gray Your soft white locks that ruffle out Grooving around The rhythm yours alone The best thing I’ve found Daisy, you should know She says there is a dead thing In the ground beneath her feet It tells her of a time, not so long ago When the days would run together Like a reoccurring dream And this field of green poured over everything Down by the lilac clusters Not far from where we’re standing now There once was a farm of strange renown A precious fur could there be found Housed in the back a little colony safe and sound Of caged chinchillas Well this farm became a prison The chinchillas all death row As they soon learned of their intended turn as winter coats And this one who lies beneath us now Telling of a hidden past He lost his life by a farmer’s scythe As he led his friends to freedom through the grass
Dazed ubiquity lies In kaleidoscope highs What a beautiful sight Staring into your eyes Praying mantis I see your splintered mind And I know Flash a myriad glimpse Dazzled images entwine Travel with them inside Staring into your eyes Praying mantis I see your splintered mind And I know This façade of green comes apart at the seems Fractures into weeds, tall grass and leaves Further-in we see insects, birds, rodents, seeds Sprouting new life from the soil beneath The dirt, the worms, the roots as they squirm In their relative time-flow, down through the earth Soaking up the nutrients, moisture, air Delving further through microbial fair Bacteria, algae, fungi all give way To molecules, atoms, photon rays Electrons spin in an orbital stay Around nuclei boasting in electromagnetic sway Like a pendulum king Lost in rhythm and allure Soft hypnotic we sway Lulling all of us away Praying mantis I see your splintered mind And I know
I caught a glimpse and it shot through my senses Like nothing that I’ve known before Standing in front of a canvas, so wonderfully lost In the luster and lure I reach out my hand as the brushwork commands And am sucked-in and shown something more The light breaks Pellapetisimo Soaking up the sun Of another day Somewhere in the maze Of brambles and bright green foliage My heart aches Pellapetisimo Our time together Nearing over and done Soon the sun will fade out Forever on these summer days [Refrain] I caught a glimpse and it shot through my senses Like nothing that I’ve known before Standing in front of a canvas, so wonderfully lost In the luster and lure That’s all folks Pellapetisimo Kicking up his heels And pedaling back Farewell, that’s a wrap Spin the cane and wave the skimmer-cap Daisy waits At the top of the hill, she sees Spilling over with The rush of the red-orange tide at sunset A shadowy figure all stems and leaf [Refrain] [Refrain] Standing in front of a canvas, so wonderfully lost In the luster and lure I reach out my hand as the brushwork commands And am sucked-in and shown something more The light wanes Pellapetisimo Saying our goodbyes To Wally and Chris Lily Black and those kids Nestled together in the grass Sally Tess Wishing you all the best Lest we all forget As one awakened From a beautiful dream He’ll be there whispering in the reeds


Storybook-album about a praying mantis, a bluebird, a girl named Sally, and a boy who wondered off alone into the meadow across the road...


released May 20, 2014

All songs by Jeb Morris, except "The Fool & Earl" (Kristaponyte / Morris)
Produced by Bart Morris
Artwork by Grandpa Egg
Front-cover praying mantis by Zack Carlson


all rights reserved



Grandpa Egg Kent, Ohio

Psych-folk out of Kent, Ohio

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