Songs For My Cat

by Grandpa Egg

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Aria Darling 03:17
Red lung my darling Aria Tread Harley Quinn we, Aria Oooooh Ooooh Ooooh Oooh Oo-ooh Stale eyes have torn your heart in two Now, if you’re freaking out You should know Thick as thieves avow Take my hand We can wake the ragtime band Red lung my darling Aria Dead rung my darling Aria Oooooh Ooooh Ooooh Oooh Oo-ooh Cans of coiled worm cavorting through Now, if you’re freaking out Don’t be slow Thick as thieves, we shout Take my hand We can wake the ragtime band Circle and bow Let you’re hair stream purple now Oooooh Ooooh Ooooh Oooh Oo-ooh When the bones in hand don’t feel true Now, if you’re freaking out You should know That I’m freaking out Take my hand We can stir the ragtime band Yielding dawn Hit the floor headfirst come on Our brains spill out And mix like paint together now We circle and drown Let your hair stream green and brown
Bob 02:30
Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob He’s the creature from my childhood dreams Long ago Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob In the stories that were told Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob He’s growing old and you know Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob In the stories that unfold Each notebook leaf, a new adventure His sidekick Imp, waiting in the wings Arch nemeses at every turn He’s unearthly and free Umbrella cloak in red & black rows Spectral torso trailing as he goes Swelt eyes caught cross, or so it seems Old-time rocker in themes Find a flame-thrower or machine-gun Just lying around, glinting in the sun Take aim and say fuck-all to this Amassing dismay Start blasting away
I’m rubbing cake all over my face I’m rubbing cake all over my face Mama says it looks a disgrace I’m rubbing cake all over my face I’m gonna smash these bottles and plates I’ve got on lipstick and my swim trunks I’m gonna take a bath in the punch I want to take a bath with the girl Who smiles to herself as I run amuck [Refrain] It’s my goddamn birthday It’s my day to shine It’s my goddamn birthday Maybe I could make her mine I’m gonna take a gun to the bank I’m gonna have some fun the old-fashioned way Press the barrel right up against The bank teller’s forehead and say “Some for me and some for the girl” “Who smiles every time I say her name” [Refrain] [Bridge] And when the day is done Things may feel different Maybe I’ll hold on To that wild mane When tomorrow comes Lost in the distance With the Earth it spun Off and away Now come and gone Soft reminiscence Maybe I’ll hold on To that smile she gave
Mind spun like a top Shot through the attic Walls to climb and then some Thoughts light up across Midsummer night skies Mokey I’m afraid You’ve got the Madness Call me in the morning Once you’ve had a chance To sleep it off Mind spun like a top Flung through the front room Jaws unhinge and claws glint Gone off like a flash bulb In the snow After examining your chart I can see that you’re suffering From a severe case of the madness Twine voices they talk To you in visions Tearing flesh and torrents rain Stood so alone That fateful day Mokey I’m afraid You’ve got the madness Should you care to join us Once you’ve slept it off We could be friends again
The music swims around in furry-head Its monsoon season for my tabby-cat Well, he’s half siam The violins shred clouded thoughts. Light stratifies the shock And my cat twists and twirls. To dance deranged A typhoon ballet [Refrain] He’s watching, corner room Catatonic blue The music cracks and glistens in furry-head Refracted whims imprisoned. What a mad little kitten I have The blurry mind’s eye dilates Azure skies dissipate, as Mokey lies in wait For his typhoon ballet [Refrain] Then he jumps up out of position Whirling around like a gale apparition!
Mokey’s doing the Hairball Shimmy Doing the Hairball Shimmy all around Meander along till the feeling comes on Stealing the rhythm and seething the song Shrug your shoulders, stick out your tongue Cough the hairball up with your lungs And say… Step out from Behind the velvet curtain. You’re on Jive with the spasms as they come along Shrug your shoulders, stick out your tongue Cough the hairball up with your lungs And say… Mokey’s doing the Hairball Shimmy Staring me in the eyes all the while He’s doing the Hairball Shimmy Carry the hairball up and out in style If you can Embrace the demons, you’ll set them free Clean out your closet. Scream and shout in… Shrug your shoulders, stick out your tongue Cough the hairball up with your lungs And say…
Mokey woke up late one day Sun ran through the window pane Warmth to flood his fuzzy mane Will it incubate his brain? In his mind he’ll float along Waves of golden Siren song Stirring molten visions up Careful not to touch the cup Lift the eyelids drifting black Sunlight surging cataract Rack the senses, back-to-the-end Close your eyes and stretch and then… Thought’s philosophy and zest Mokey sets out on his quest Off to fight the spirits squall Find the one-and-only Glove Ball! Telephone’s a-ringing wild Swells of sound and vision pile Up inside a waking dream Mokey sheds an aching scream Scamper all along the couch Swing from claws, hung upside-down Dart through doorways, slash and stir Dander dash confetti blur By the window, finds a clue A shiny string that he once knew Tied around the Glove Ball then Lift the latch and spring from the den Oh the Glove Ball, gone astray Mokey’s explorations take Our blue-eyed hero down the path Violet darkness falling fast All around the crickets chirp Fireflies flickered mirth And Mokey moves through sticks and brush A mystic quest, press on he must Now the moon is shining bright Spiny branches split the night And splintered twigs close in on all sides Mokey spins and shucks and jives Then suddenly, Mokey stops! His claws sink in the soil plot Off in the distance, shimmered bright A pair of simmering-yellow eyes They vanished quick like sinking stones Mokey sat there all alone The darkness held unyielding plight And Mokey bedded down for the night When he awoke, all lay still No stirring mice or whippoorwills Mokey turned, to his surprise He met with simmering-yellow eyes He leapt back with coursing fright Another cat as black as night And in his mouth the Black Cat held The one-and-only Glove Ball, well… In that second split so fine The torrents lit his wintered mind A glint of Taurean design And Mokey leapt forth, feral-blind He sunk his claws deep in the black Alas, he felt a surge come back It shot through every bone he had And brought a vision slow and mad He saw a giant purple cube A perfect monolithic ruse Comprised in scores of tiny ants They moved together in a trance And in the cube, which gleamed so bright He saw himself, he shimmered white He saw that he too was comprised Of tiny ants, to his surprise These ants were white and black and gray They moved together in that same way And they were he and he was they All one within the cube display Then Mokey came out of his dream With smoke and ash all across the scene The Glove-Ball now was in his mouth The Black Cat nowhere to be found
And if monsters come, they will come by sea And if monsters come, they will come through walls around you With terrible eyes rolling, terrible teeth Gnashing, they cry to the moon and their king the Mongrel [Refrain] Bedposts grow branches here Tangled groves for dance and cheer They know to find you, dear Cross the sea over a year So wildly gone, they will crack their smiles In spirals and song, they can tap their toes for miles Now frolicking on, in the moonlight guiles Like spires at dawn, freely dance in fireside styles [Refrain] And if monsters come, they will come by sea If monsters come, they will come through walls around you They’ll carry you off on shoulder tops, through trees Then ferry across in moonlight dreams abounding [Refrain] They show their razor-sharp Brazen claws that clink and spark Wild Mokey staring stark Let the wild rumpus start
In a little border town South of Chiricahua ground The lustful seek forgiveness From old familiar friends Mariachis cull the sound The desert sun is going down Some may search for new lines In the same old songs they’re sent Have you nothing to spare for a tired old man? In a little border town Sorrows for a quarter drown In cups of warm Tecate And mescal-tonic vials Firecrackers in the wind The dire thoughts come creeping in Dark curls on her fair skin Disarmingly, she smiles Have you no one to care for you now that she’s gone? Lavender heavens stare sorrowfully down upon In a little border town The dark drifting angels go dancing through you mind In a little border town The shadows keep secrets of every sordid kind In a little border town The traces are tangled in melodies that wind Round together lithely bound To still-born notions of a life now left behind
Brain Acre 04:39


I recorded these songs for my cat Mokey. You are of course welcome to listen to them.


released August 4, 2011

All songs by Jeb Morris
Produced by Bart Morris
Artwork by Grandpa Egg

Jeb - vocals, acoustic, keys, auxiliary stuff
Bart - bass, ebow, toy piano (track 1), ukulele (track 10)
Inga - keyboard (track 10)


all rights reserved



Grandpa Egg Kent, Ohio

Psych-folk out of Kent, Ohio

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