Praying Mantis

by Grandpa Egg



Songs sampler from forth-coming album PRAYING MANTIS
Out: April 2014


released 01 April 2014
All songs by Jeb Morris, except "The Fool & Earl" (Kristaponyte / Morris)
Produced by Bart Morris
Artwork by Grandpa Egg
Front-cover praying mantis by Zack Carlson



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Dandelions
Waggled leaves and meadow blades
Scattered greens that twitch and sway
What it seems is not always

Leaflets, stems and stalks abound
Some stand-up and walk around
Others just sit there all day

Dandelions are curling round my spine
Little yellow flower petals climb
Out from my eyes

Stirring in the thicket there
Little things that stop and stare
If we’d only take the time

See the forms, become aware
Floral shapes will dance on air
Often more than meets the eye


Listen for the melody
Whispering amidst the reeds
Is it just the wind, no more?

At the edge our universe
Can expand, for what it’s worth
We need only to explore
The prospect of something more
Track Name: Stems & A Green Leaf Still
Somewhere, passing the time until
Stems with a green-leaf still
Sun through a hundred eyes can reveal
What lies, a world concealed

When I was boy
We used to wake-up early in the morning
So hot you might have drained off breakfast
Before you were halfway up the road
But we didn’t care
We were after the one thing in life that made us truly happy
At the time anyway
We were searching for a Praying Mantis ☺


My friend and I
The girl who lived next door
Well we’d get lost in those fields
Lost in the light of youth, innocence, discovery
Sometimes we’d sink down
Beneath the surface of the tall grass
And uncover things about ourselves
About each other
Things we’d never known in our most colorful dreams


Waifs in the woodland wet
Ways we wound around in the grass to forget
A world that never seemed to look much further
Than that which collects on the surface
We found each other there
Soft summer air
And nary a watchful eye to bare
Save for those of the Praying Mantis
Track Name: Every Alcove
If you come a little closer, let your eyes adjust
And open your mind up, the whole of the hillside
Will come into focus
Let the flowers and the grass grow up around you there
The locals are waiting in every alcove
And anticipating

Meet Miss Tropicanna Black
Her friends call her Lily
Not that she has anybody
Whom she could really call a friend, per se
Sweet Miss Tropicanna Black
Some say she's a little off
Not that anyone has much of anything to say at all
To Tropicanna Black


These weeds echo with the sounds
Of Christopher Cricket
He leads a chorus that surrounds us
Here in the thicket
We count on it
"Three cheers," we joyful!
We exclaim, "Here comes Mr. Cricket"
Fingers snapping to the songs he sings
We wave and stop to say,
"There goes one swell guy"


If you come a little closer, get to know the folks
That scuttle along on the overgrown lawn
There’s so much that goes on
Let the clovers and the canes grow up around your brain
The natives exchange subterranean claims
So glad that you came

Earthworm, face-first in the dirt
Leave him to his folly
He works all the day and night
With nothing but plight to show
For Wally Dearth
Earthworm Wally, what’s the point?
You wallow and dawdle
Each and every day the same old mess
Of sweat and soil, inanely toiling away

Lily Black, she stares down at the grass
Watching ants share information
She has a rad collection of acorn-caps
And thoughts on why some folks are so numb
And Chris Cricket wishes each song were his last
Perhaps he could at-least sing in a minor key
No one saw as Wally worked to solve
The meadow’s arid-soil situation
Track Name: Sally's House
Sally can’t stop crying
Waiting on her man
Lately, he ain’t never home on time
She’ll pass out in the kitchen
When she’s had all she can stand
Of second-rate promises and cheap wine

If you catch my meaning
Then you get my drift
Paper hearts aren’t cut out for this shit

She’s always had a fondness
For the wrong kind of man
This one ain’t much different than the last
He’s holed up in the backseat
Of a blue sedan
Groping at the glory days that have long since passed


Headlights cast her shadow
Hard against the wall
The gravel churns as he pulls in the drive
And for a moment there, her clouded stare
Clears to see his face
And somehow she feels happy just to have him back standing there in her doorway

But then he stumbles on past and hurries down the hall
Muttering some bullshit about how he got called back to work
And she can smell this rat a mile away
So she pulls out a pair of brass knuckles from her purse
And chases him down and grabs ahold of the collar of his shirt
And then she bashes in his face


It’s best he sleeps this one off
He’s out-cold anyway
And Sally, she sits back down to calm her nerves
And the bluebird at the window
Opens with a new-day song
And for a moment, Sally wonders if it’s for her
Track Name: The Fool & Earl
Track Name: Compound Eyes
Dazed ubiquity lies
In kaleidoscope highs
What a beautiful sight
Staring into your eyes
Praying mantis
I see your splintered mind
And I know

Flash a myriad glimpse
Dazzled images entwine
Travel with them inside
Staring into your eyes
Praying mantis
I see your splintered mind
And I know

This façade of green comes apart at the seems
Fractures into weeds, tall grass and leaves
Further-in we see insects, birds, rodents, seeds
Sprouting new life from the soil beneath
The dirt, the worms, the roots as they squirm
In their relative time-flow, down through the earth
Soaking up the nutrients, moisture, air
Delving further through microbial fair
Bacteria, algae, fungi all give way
To molecules, atoms, photon rays
Electrons spin in an orbital stay
Around nuclei boasting in electromagnetic sway

Like a pendulum king
Lost in rhythm and allure
Soft hypnotic we sway
Lulling all of us away
Praying mantis
I see your splintered mind
And I know